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The Coopman Team Interview: Spotlight on Data Analyst JP Palma

The Coopman Team Interview: Spotlight on Data Analyst JP Palma

The Coopman Team Interview: Spotlight on Data Analyst JP Palma

JP has joined Coopman Search and Selection as a Data Analyst. Get to know JP in this spotlight interview, discussing his reasons for joining Coopman, where he sees the Coopman brand in one year, his proudest achievement, and more.

1. Tell us about your career prior to Coopman.

Before joining Coopman, my career was shaped by a dynamic period at university where I performed as a student, Professor’s Assistant, and student leader. Upon completing my postgraduate degree in Sociology, I became a Data Analyst in a social research consultancy. During my tenure there, I was privileged to contribute to numerous projects transiting sectors like education, human rights, politics, and forestry. I then recognised my English-language linguistic barriers, especially when accessing global resources. This realisation and a desire to further improve my technical skills led me to Ireland.

2. Why did you want to join Coopman?

I was drawn to Coopman because Andrew and Mark recognised and believed in the potential I could bring. I envision myself as a Consultant, aspiring to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technologies like AI and ML with daily automation, visualisation tools, and customised software solutions.

3. What has been your proudest achievement?

Although it may sound cliché, I always believe my next accomplishment will be my proudest. I take immense pride in setting goals and working towards them, often pushing the boundaries of perceived limits. Every success and setback has steered my path to Coopman, and I’m optimistic that our collective efforts will soon yield results we can all take pride in.

4. What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

An old Spanish adage resonates with me, “the devil lives in the details”. It serves as a reminder that the grandeur of one’s ambitions is just as significant as the minutiae of daily tasks. This philosophy can be applied universally—at work, in nurturing relationships, adopting new habits, or expressing love. It emphasises the significance of consistency, “it’s not about doing everything in a day, but ensuring you accomplish something every day.”

5. What business leader or company do you admire and why?

Companies like Coursera and DeepLearning.AI, under the stewardship of Andrew Ng, stand out for making quality education widely accessible. In an age where understanding AI is as fundamental as literacy, pioneers like Andrew Ng have played a pivotal role in democratising this knowledge. I can vouch for this from personal experience, having undertaken several of their courses and finding them exceptionally insightful.

6. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Peace encloses a blend of introspection and activity. While I love moments of solitude to read and relax, I also appreciate social engagements, particularly cooking, drinking, or cycling. Music holds a special place in my heart as a listener across diverse genres and as a musician pondering a return to the guitar, bass, or piano. Additionally, I’m keen to explore more of Ireland and venture out to other parts of Europe soon.

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