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New York Overview

New York remains the preferred headquarters of the global financial services industry. With a large talent base of more than 330,000 financial service workers, the financial services industry is the largest contributor to New York City’s economic output. The sector generates about 30 percent of the earnings of workers throughout the city, and thus developments in the sector are critically important for the performance of the overall city economy. The annual average salary in the industry is currently about $375,000. Following the challenges from the last number of years, it will be essential for Banking & Financial Services institutions to embrace efficient, effective recruitment practices. Coopman are dedicated to identifying and acquiring top talent and have the required extensive knowledge of what candidates are looking for.

As sectors including fund administration, aircraft leasing, insurance, compliance and risk continue to experience growth, Coopman has aligned its operations to create deep verticals in these areas to provide excellent recruitment solutions in an increasingly saturated market.

Buy-side firms in New York are increasingly diversifying their portfolios by investing in alternative assets such as private equity, real estate, hedge funds, and venture capital. This trend is driven by the pursuit of higher returns and the desire to reduce dependency on traditional asset classes.

We this we are seeing an increased emphasis on risk management, given the market volatility and regulatory scrutiny, buy-side institutions are placing a greater emphasis on risk management practices. Enhanced risk assessment models, stress testing, and the integration of sophisticated risk analytics are becoming essential for managing investment risks effectively.

On the sell side we are seeing firms in New York continue to look to leverage technology to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance client experiences. Automation of trading processes, algorithmic trading, and the use of advanced analytics are gaining prominence, leading to increased speed and accuracy in executing trades.

Regulatory compliance remains a significant focus for sell-side institutions. Stricter regulations, require robust compliance frameworks, reporting mechanisms, and enhanced transparency in trading activities. Firms are investing in compliance systems and technology to ensure adherence to these regulations.

The main trend within insurance in New York is where we are witnessing a surge in insurtech startups, leveraging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT to revolutionize underwriting, claims processing, and customer experience. Insurers are adopting digital platforms, offering personalized products, and utilizing data analytics to drive efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, there is a move for firms to look at Cyber Insurance. With the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber threats, there is a growing demand for cyber insurance coverage. Insurance companies are developing specialised policies to address cyber risks, providing protection against data breaches, ransomware attacks, and business interruption due to cyber incidents.

As the industry continues to grow, candidate attraction strategy and talent retention is critical for long-term performance success. Developing emerging talent entering the workforce is vital for succession considerations. Moreover, opportunities and challenges arise for prospective international talent who can fulfil skill gaps that exist in the US market. A crucial consideration is also transition talent; individuals that are either reskilling within financial services, or move from other sectors who possess transferable skills to add value to prospective employers. ESG, gender representation and automation/AI are also key factors for safeguarding competitiveness in today’s market.

New York

Key Contact

Andrew Murphy

Director & Co Founder

Andrew started his recruitment career with a global PLC in 2014, specialising in accounting, front office, finance and risk at all levels across financial services during that time. He carries a keen interest in developing others and helping them to achieve their professional and personal goals.

Andrew’s role is to strategically grow the business and ensure that Coopman scales in a sustainable and profitable manner.

New York

Accounting & Finance Team


Mark Fallon

Director & Co Founder

Mark began recruitment in the financial sector in 2010, working in London with a boutique capital markets recruitment agency focusing on front office roles. Subsequently, he joined a global PLC where he became a director and partnered with some major financial services clients in Ireland.

Mark now delivers Accounting & Finance recruitment solutions, partnering individuals and clients in Aircraft Leasing, Insurance and Reinsurance in Dublin.

New York

Compliance & Risk Team


William McCoppin


William began his career in London in 2010, working with global recruitment multinationals, specialising within the regulatory compliance, financial crime and fraud markets. William is skilled in providing interim, mid-to-senior and executive resourcing strategies, partnering with leading financial institutions across the UK and European markets.

William now delivers Compliance & Risk recruitment solutions, partnering individuals and clients in London.

New York

Front Office Team

New York

Orla Louden

Senior Consultant

Orla began her career working in fixed income and FX middle office for a leading multinational investment bank, before progressing internally to front office via their EMEA capital markets programme. Subsequently, in her role in FX institutional sales, Orla’s client base included asset managers, hedge funds and insurance companies based across the EMEA region.

Orla now delivers Front Office recruitment solutions, partnering individuals and clients in hedge funds in London & New York.

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