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Navigating the Labour Victory from Coopman’s Perspective

Navigating the Labour Victory from Coopman’s Perspective

Navigating the Labour Victory from Coopman’s Perspective

The Labour Party’s victory in the 2024 UK election is set to reshape the financial landscape, presenting both opportunities and challenges for professionals in finance, compliance, accounting, and risk management.

Increased Regulatory Environment

Labour’s victory is set to intensify the regulatory environment for financial services firms. The focus on sustainable finance will lead to stricter regulations, particularly in ESG reporting and compliance. Policies like the mandatory disclosure of climate-related financial risks and enhanced ESG criteria will require investment in strong compliance frameworks and hiring experts in financial crime prevention and regulatory adherence.

Green Investments

The new government’s emphasis on green investments will shift investment strategies towards sustainable sectors. Initiatives such as the £28 billion annual Green Transformation Fund create opportunities for firms to diversify their portfolios into green finance and infrastructure projects. Accountants and analysts with expertise in evaluating and reporting on ESG criteria will be particularly valuable to clients moving forward.

Areas of Impact

Financial services firms will face higher corporate taxes, potentially increasing from 19% to 26%, and the introduction of a financial transaction tax. These changes will require adept tax planning and compliance strategies. Additionally, the focus on workers’ rights, including potential reforms like the Good Work Plan, will necessitate stronger HR and compliance policies, increasing operational costs. These challenges will require strategic resource planning to resolve.


The Labour Party’s victory introduces a transformative period for financial services, with enhanced regulatory scrutiny, a focus on green investments, and changes in tax policies that will require firms to adapt strategically. By prioritising compliance, sustainable finance, and robust accounting practices, firms should be in a position to navigate the evolving landscape successfully.

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