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Is Recruiting During the Summer Feasible?

Is Recruiting During the Summer Feasible?

Is Recruiting During the Summer Feasible?

Recruitment during the summer presents unique challenges, especially given the already tight market throughout the year. This raises the critical question: does it make sense to hire now or wait until later in the year?

Setting the Scene

As we approach the school holidays, many employees will be taking annual leave for a couple of weeks at a time. This seasonal dynamic affects both clients and hiring managers, making timing a crucial factor. When are hiring managers available? Timing is key to successful recruitment.

Candidate Experience

One persistent issue when hiring over the summer is the lack of feedback and communication with candidates. If you’re recruiting directly, it’s essential to over-communicate to ensure a positive candidate experience. Pre-empting delays and setting expectations during interviews can help manage candidates effectively. Although activities may slow down, they do not come to a halt and can be managed efficiently.

Availability and Communication

During the summer, candidates may postpone their job search until after their holidays. They may also be selective about attending interviews while they are away. This begs the question: are the summer months the best time to hire? Consider the benefits of hiring later in the year. If candidates are committed, set realistic expectations regarding the volume of applications and the timeline for feedback. Otherwise, it’s important to consider the candidates time, or lack thereof for a hiring process, and be more lenient when scheduling meetings.

Market Conversations

Even though fewer candidates are actively seeking roles currently, as confirmed from conversations on the market, it is still possible to have meaningful conversations and gauge their interest in the market and opportunities. Candidates remain open to receiving calls from recruiters to gain insights into the current market trends and available opportunities. Engaging in discussions enables us to identify potential candidates. Establishing clear timelines and scheduling the next steps can help maintain their interest and streamline the recruitment process. Pre-empting the process by creating a clear pipeline, focusing on candidate interest, and managing CV submissions and shortlisting efficiently is crucial.


The onboarding process is also crucial, particularly when the direct manager is back from their annual leave. A strong onboarding experience is vital to ensure new hires feel welcomed and integrated into the company. A vigorous onboarding process can significantly enhance the overall candidate experience.

Advice for Clients

  • Streamlining the recruitment process is essential. If your current process involves multiple rounds of interviews, consider consolidating them. Can the number of interviews be reduced?
  • If you decide to go to market during the summer months, having a strategic and flexible approach is vital. Schedule interviews at times that accommodate candidates, even if they are on holiday.
  • Ensure the candidate experience runs smoothly regardless of availability, wait until the HR manager is back from holidays to start their new role, or until their manager is fully available for a successful onboarding process and integration into the company.
  • Speak to a specialist recruiter about sourcing the right candidates, at Coopman we have access to passive and active candidates looking to secure roles for the Q4 and will be eager to understand the opportunities available to them.

In summary, while recruiting during the summer presents unique challenges, strategic timing, clear communication, and a streamlined process can mitigate these issues and allow for a successful hiring process throughout the summer months. Flexibility and a focus on the candidate experience are vital to navigating this tight market successfully.

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