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Interim Management: A Solution for Companies in the Wake of Covid-19

Interim Management: A Solution for Companies in the Wake of Covid-19

Interim Management: A Solution for Companies in the Wake of Covid-19

While interim management is a known recruitment option in Ireland, it remains an underutilised resource in accounting, finance, risk and compliance. This might just change in the coming months, with interim managers proving a valuable solution for many companies adjusting their business strategies because of Covid-19.

But, what is interim management? Well, it is the is the temporary provision of management resources and skills to a company.

Many companies have had to adapt their business strategies and roadmaps in recent months due to the changing market. And now, with companies returning to a somewhat normal routine, there are gaps in terms of the skills required to build and execute these strategies to achieve results and drive business growth.

Interim management is an ideal solution for companies that find themselves in this position but want to mitigate the risk of hiring on a permanent basis due to market uncertainty. Such organisations can hire highly qualified executives on a contractual basis to lead through a period of transition, crisis or change.

With the Covid-19 adjusted unemployment rate in Ireland at 14.7%, the market is currently in favour of the employer, with a strong supply of mid to senior executives immediately available for work.

Apart from having access to experienced professionals with the skills and expertise to handle complex challenges, flexible arrangements with long-term or short-term placements are available and interim managers can often start within a matter of days or weeks depending on the requirements of a project.

The process is extremely easy, as a recruitment company like Coopman Search and Selection manages the administration associated with a placement, from contracts to payroll.

Interim managers are a solution for management teams across an array of sectors. Consider aircraft leasing companies that are currently focusing on managing their credit risk or banks that are concentrating on their cost management; many other organisations require change management support due to Covid-19 spurring the need for digital transformation, not to mention the need for start-ups to plan, build and develop their own operations.

And with remote working fast becoming the norm, the geographical world of recruitment is getting smaller, meaning that companies now have access to senior talent from a range of different locations.

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William McCoppin


William has experience across multiple markets, specialising in compliance and financial crime at the interim, mid-to-senior and executive level.