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Hedge Fund Industry Updates – November 2022

Hedge Fund Industry Updates – November 2022

Hedge Fund Industry Updates – November 2022

Despite hiring freezes and job cuts across other sectors, London-based hedge funds continue to recruit top talent. While the volatility of markets has certainly created challenges in areas, plenty of opportunity has been created for funds, allowing for organic growth and strong returns. Hedge funds continue to seek out a range of skillsets in order to bolster returns in 2023.

Hiring budgets for 2023

From newly-established hedge funds to top tier, London-grown to global companies, hedge fund hiring shows no sign of slowing down as we approach the end of an economically-trying year. A recent poll conducted by Orla Louden, Senior Consultant for Hedge Funds showed that 43% of respondents said they would stay in their current role due to job security, while 38% said they would move for salary increases. In order to secure top talent, the hiring process must highlight their ability to provide concrete job security and ensure salary benchmarking remains competitive in order to effectively attract value-add candidates. At Coopman, we can support you in showcasing your commitments to an individual’s career path and provide bespoke salary benchmarking across the market. For individuals interested in a career move but wary of market conditions, our clients continue to seek out top talent across a range of positions, and we are well-positioned to support you in your search.

Diversity in hiring priorities

London-based hedge funds are hiring across the board, from graduate level to portfolio managers. The economic volatility has highlighted the need to prioritise macro-focused strategies, as equity long/short funds witnessed a sharp drop in return. Many are now focusing on combining diverse skillsets to build well-rounded specialist teams to ensure diversity of portfolios.

With this, tech talent continues to be a key hiring priority, with the expertise to drive data analysis and make informed judgements on portfolio positioning to mitigate risk. Hedge funds are seeking quant developers, data engineers and full-stack developers in portfolio management.

If you are interested in learning more about live opportunities, or you would like to discuss how we can support your hiring processes in the current market, please get in touch with Orla Louden, Senior Consultant in Hedge Funds.

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