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Christine Jones’ 2-year anniversary with Coopman

Christine Jones’ 2-year anniversary with Coopman

Christine Jones’ 2-year anniversary with Coopman

Here at Coopman, we are celebrating Christine Jones’ 2-year anniversary today. Christine is Senior Consultant for Accounting and Finance roles in Dublin, predominately in the Aircraft Leasing space, and to mark the occasion, we have reflected on the last 2 years…

Over the last 2 years, Christine has shown an unwavering commitment to Coopman’s core values and has played a pivotal role in our success. Starting as an associate consultant, she has recently transitioned into a senior consultant position on our accounting and finance desk, demonstrating her exceptional growth and expertise.

Christine has made use of our Education Assistance Policy by recently completing her Professional Diploma (and receiving a Distinction!) in Aviation Leasing and Finance, which allowed her to further her knowledge in the Aircraft Leasing Sector.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Christine has also exhibited a remarkable sense of adventure. Last year, during our “Work from Anywhere” month, she seized the opportunity to work remotely from Malta. She has also made use of our unlimited annual leave policy, taking full advantage of the flexibility it offers. Her decision to travel to Bali over Christmas showed her ability to balance her work life and personal life.

Reflecting on Christine’s Coopman career, Director and Co-Founder Mark Fallon says:

“Christine embodies the very essence of Coopman’s core values. Her ability to thrive in her role while embracing new challenges and opportunities sets an inspiring example for her colleagues and we look forward to seeing all the great things she will achieve in the future.”

Congratulations Christine on your 2-year anniversary!

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